Cairo, February 16 (Xinhua): The Arab League on Tuesday expressed concern about the escalation of border disputes between Sudan and Ethiopia.

"The Arabic League follows closely with the concerns of the latest developments along the Sudanese-Ethiopian borders, as well as statements and reports on military confrontations Between the two countries, "said the Arab League in a statement.

The Pan-Arabic body also reaffirmed the support for its Sudan Member State by taking all the legal measures to preserve the sovereignty of its lands, while urging the two Countries to calm the two countries to calm tensions and dialogue seek the first opportunity.

Since mid-December, Sudanese-Ethiopian borders have been experiencing growing tensions and skirmishes.

The disputes have focused on agricultural land in the Fashqa area, which falls within BO from Sudan Undaries, but has been used by Ethiopian farmers since 1995.

On December 16, 2020, the Sudanese army said some of his soldiers were ambushed on the border by Ethiopians. Militia

Since then, Sudan has deployed forces at the border to recover the seized lands. EndItem

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