Celebrating the beginning of the ox year is something that Sandhu Muhammad Abdullah had longed for for a while.

The 28-year-old boy, a master's degree with a specialization in international law in Northwest University in Xi'an, capital of the province of Shaanxi from Northwest China, had spent most of his time Last year in a bedroom due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

"This is not my first Chinese Spring Festival, and it's almost my seventh," Abdullah said. "I still remember when I was working with a Chinese company, we will decorate with red lanterns."

To celebrate Chinese Lunar New Year this year, he said he planned to learn how to cook some traditional Chinese. He food with members of his family in Xi'an, to stay and celebrate the New Year together.

Unlike Abdullah, Maulen Meras was not so excited about the Spring Festival. The 23-year-old man, who has lived in Xi'an for a year and a half, also spent most of his time in him last year.

He likes to cook and, sometimes, they did an exercise in him. bedroom. But what happened the most of the interest of him is to learn Chinese.

With an innate talent for languages, mere can speak six languages. Before starting to study for his degree at Northwest University in Xi'an, Sophomore's student of Alma-Atain, Kazakhstan, said he wants to talk like a Chinese native when he graduates.

He practiced how to Write the Chinese characters almost every day and now he has eight notebooks that are full of Chinese handwriting from him.

"Sometimes I Write some of my own thoughts in Chinese and will deliver them to my Chinese friends for review," Meras said. "Every time, your comment will give me a lot of confidence." "

During his time at the University, Meras participated in Multiple competitions and activities for Chinese learning. It is a frequent pattern of a close food market and made a homemade homemade pot, something that has been lost during A long time.

also loves to play with a rubik cube and he can complete one within a minute.

"I miss our Spring Festival in Kazakhstan, which is usually in March , more, "he said.

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