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    HSBC has pointed out its "pivot to Asia", which describes the plans to invest around $ 6 billion (£ 4.3bn) in the region.

    IT is aimed at the management of wealth and commercial banking to promote the "two-digit growth" and has highlighted Asian markets such as Singapore, China and Hong Kong.

    The update of the strategy was like HSBC reported a drop of 34% in profits. During 2020, in part, due to the impact of Covid-19.

    The Bank based on the United Kingdom already generates most of its Asia income.

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    During your AD Results, the largest bank in Europe said it would be resumed to pay a dividend of $ 0.15 per share in cash, the first payment announced since October 2019.

    The benefit before HSBC tax fell to $ 8.8bn for the year ending December 31, it came down from $ 13.35 billion the previous year.

    While annual earnings collapsed for a little more than a third, they are marginally better than expected analysts.

    The Executive Director of HSBC Noel Quinn, said in a statement that the bank had a "solid financial performance in the context of the pandemic, particularly in Asia", which puts "firm foundations for our future growth ".

    Paste to cost reduction plans that will reduce their workforce by approximately 35,000, HSBC is advancing with one of the most drastic responses of the banking industry to the pandemic.

    HSBC has a network of 150 branches in USA UU and has an association of 40 years there.

    Asian expansion

    HSBC president last month, Mark Tucker told the Asian Financial Forum Conference in January that there were "opportunities Real to cultivate our wealth business and expand in South Asia. "

    The bank has been changing gradually its approach to Asia, although the transition has not been a soft sail.

    In September, HSBC burned down by its support of a national security controversially the law that China has imposed Hong Kong.

    And earlier this month, HSBC was severely criticized by British parliamentarians and US politicians to close the accounts of pro-democracy activists.

    Founded in 1865 as the Banking Corporation of Hongkong and Shanghai, HSBC moved its base to London in 1993 after buying Midland Bank in the period prior to the 1997 colony to China.

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