Beijing, February 23 (Xinhua) - Almost 44.3 million people are Covered by China's urban and rural subsistence subsistence subsistence, said Tuesday's civil affairs officer .

Urban and rural subsistence assignments have increased by 8.6 percent and 11.7 percent year over year, respectively, said Li Jiheng, Minister of civil affairs, at a press conference.

The Ministry of Civil Affairs will carry out the identification and register of low-income families to establish an information base that can be updated dynamically, in order to strengthen Early monitoring and warning and providing specific assistance. Said Tang Chengpei, Vice Minister of Civil Affairs.

The Ministry has made public more than 3,700 social assistance ads at all levels Across the country to guarantee channels without problems for people. In need to seek help, according to Tang. EndItem

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China to launch first crew to new space station

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