Have you ever noticed that 80 percent of China's population seems to run over 5 percent of the country's space, especially on national holidays? With 1,400 million people, it is easy to see why Chinese people like to spend a good amount of their free time walking through the streets instead of locking in narrow apartments. Unfortunately, it often seems that everyone has decided to descend to the same streets, creating a wide range of traffic dangers that should be avoided at all costs. From the silt of the sidewalk to the dangerous strangers, here is a selection of pedestrian hazards to watch while walking the busiest streets of China.

selling hells

1) the tout

easily seen by your canvas bag and rolled flyers, This danger may be trying to sell anything of excursions to copied watches. Your level of English is often impressive, but do not be so impressed that you finish in the conversation. Avoid visual contact and continue moving.

2) The repetition megaphone

heard long before it is seen, this questionable marketing goal is to bring more buyers. However, what he really does is push anyone, but the buyer more committed to the level of pure decibels and the endless song phrase without ceasing that will remain in his head longer than the last worm ear of Bieber. This danger is closely related to ...

3) The sound wall

pop music Blaring or trance tanche Hardcore or a stage of red carpet promotions, this Feat in acoustic pollution will make teeth chat ... over time to music. You may have managed to get your attention, but what would happen to anyone would approach a closer step.

4) The girl of the flower

closely related and, sometimes, in Cahoots. With, the beggar, the girl from the flower wants you to buy flowers, and she is not taking Bu Yao for an answer! Prepare so that her sleeve pulled her sleeve while her heart is assaulted with open eyes.


1) The LAOWAI lost

seen mainly in tourist areas, these defenseless creatures will often be starred by their phone while they turned on the place in An attempt to get your digital bearings. Mostly harmless if you can direct them to the closest Starbucks, especially compared to ...

2) the national tourism group

easily seen by your day-GLO hats Matching and the 20-Polazo of the high flag, but not so easily avoided, this train of people is as unpredictable as an enraged water buffalo and dispersed as a herd of civil cats. This obstacle is even harder to move if it carries a large number of ...

3) Teen girls taken from hand

tightly tight with each other as if this could be their Last contact with the human race, these buyers of GIRLY-GIRL windows walk as slow as people four times their age and occupy an area on the road proportional to the Yangtze River Route through China. Be careful, these girls are often protected by a contingent of ...

4) Hello Boys

First call my attention at China's traveling place that is read by Peter Hessler, these children are more frequent in rural areas, but they can also be found in China's most developed cities. Named by its clear cries of "Hello!" Every time they see a foreigner, they are easily disarmed in gigrol attacks by any kind of response, whether in English or Chinese.

u. FLS (unidentified fallen liquids)

1) The Mystery Puddle

This danger varies in size and form of a GOO phlegm coin or a granulate splat of facial size to a vast And disconcerting. Yellow puddle you will have to jump. The causes include, but are not limited to ...

2) The Potty Training

when you have to go to a three-year-old child, you have to go. Right there, for your shoe. You can sometimes see (much) Major criminals also do this. Such sometimes are alarming trials to walk through the streets of China.


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