Macao, March 1 (Xinhua) - More vehicles will be allowed in the Special Administrative Region of Macao (SAR) in Hengqin, an island of the city of Zhuhai on the continent, together Macao, the Government of Sar announced on Monday.

The vehicle fee allowed to enter Hengqin increased from 5,000 to 10,000 past year, according to the Information Office of the Macao Government.

As of March 15, Macao residents at 18 or older can request the qualification of their vehicles to enter Hengqin. Each vehicle can be recorded with up to two conductors that hold the driving certificates issued by the continent.

Priority is given to Macau residents who work, live or make investments in Hengqin, WHO, according to the above policies, were the only groups they could apply.

Vehicles of Macao government agencies that must enter Hengqin for work can also make applications.

The movement was aimed at Further facilitating Macau residents who travel between the city and Hengqin to promote a deeper cooperation between Macao and the Limitrophe province of Guangdong , according to the office.

It is an important part of the policies of the central authorities to benefit Macao and an important achievement of the cooperation between SAR and Guangdong, the office said.

Macao vehicles began to be allowed in Hengqin at the end of 2016. TH The quota was initially only 400. enditem

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