Many political advisors asked for greater protection of personal information, with a more difficult punishment to those who violate the information, Guo Weimin, the spokesman for the fourth session of the 13th National Committee of the Chinese Political Advisory Conference, said In an information information on Wednesday.

The National Committee of CPPCC said, the main political advisory body in the country, has made great efforts in protecting personal information in recent years, and the opinions requested from its members to hold meetings.

"Given that great data, artificial intelligence and some other advanced Internet technologies are widely applied, problems in information security and privacy protection have become serious, and People who are filtered, abused or even the purchase of personal information from others have also caused triggers' public concerns, "he said.

"Then, a series of CPPCC members consider how to regulate Internet companies to collect, store or use personal information in Lin E with the laws and effectively guarantee information safety as very important ", He said. "Some have provided proposals that the protection of personal information should be intensified and relevant supervision should also be increased." "

Between these members, some are from Internet companies.

" also participated in discussions about topics with us during meetings, promising to protect the legitimate rights of users By improving self-regulation, balancing the relationship between the information service and the management of information and the shoulder of your responsibility, "he said.

In recent years, China has attached importance to the protection of the Personal information, and some government agencies have taken steps.

For example, a bill on the protection of personal information to the country's highest legislator for a first review was presented. Year.

Also, the departments to regulate cyberspace, public safety and market order also launched campaigns and took measures to stop people who infringer the personal information of others and resolve new problems found in new Go Technology Applications.

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