Legislators and political advisors have asked for more actions to be taken to protect children, especially girls, from sexual assault.

Said measures include the increased awareness of children by making content related to the crime part of the curricula in the nine-year compulsory education system in China.

Sexual assaults on children have drawn increasing attention from the public in recent years.

according to a report published on Tuesday for the protection of girls. , a foundation established in 2013 to protect girls from the sexual assault, 332 of these incidents were exposed by the means of last year. These cases involved 845 victims, the youngest of whom was only 1 year old.

More than 90 percent of the victims were girls, according to the report, and more than 70 percent of the assaults were committed by people who have frequent or close contact with children, as teachers, family and neighbors.

Zhao Wanping, a national legislator who has dedicated himself to investigating children in rural areas, said many of the cases involved children from Leftbahied in impoverished. Areas. These children generally live with grandparents and lack the supervision or protection of their parents, who work in other cities to support the family, she said.

"In such circumstances, children are vulnerable to people with bad intentions, especially those who have frequent contact with them," said Zhao, who is also the Deputy Director of Anhui Agricultural Sciences Academy .

This problem has attracted the attention of many legislators and political advisers, who are discussing potential actions and ideas.

Zhao Junfu, a judge of the Court of the Supreme People, said the amendments to the Criminal Law, who entered into force on March 1 and the minor revised Protection Act, which will have an effect in June. 1, it has made more emphasis on juvenile protection by adding content related to sexual assault.

Amendments to criminal law, for example, stipulated that those who are found guilty of hurting children under 10 could receive up to 10 years in prison, He is ID.

The laws also include detailed agreements after sexual attacks occur, such as making efforts to protect the privacy of victims, transfer victims to other schools and offer financial support, Zhao said.

Zhu Lieyu, a national legislator and lawyer of the Guangdong Province, said because many sexual assaults occur on school campuses, schools must assume more responsibility to protect and help students, such as establishing direct lines For victims to denounce crimes and provide psychological. Orientation and other necessary support.

However, psychological intervention after incidents is only a corrective action with a limited effect, Zhao Wanping said, adding that precautions are more important.

"The same step is to let the children know what sexual assault is and how they should react when faced with such incidents," she said.

"This information must be included in the textbooks used in the compulsory education system (primary school and high school) and taught to raise the awareness of children," he added.


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