EU struggles with delays in the vaccine and New Covid Surge

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  • CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC CopyrightTreutersImage Captegerman officials said they expected that 80% of the population would be inoculated by autumn

    Europeans, like many others around the world, waited a better and happier year in 2021, after the apparently endless months of Covid diseases, deaths and economic misery linked to the pandemic.

    But until now, so Annus Horribilis for the EU. In a series of Covid fronts.

    The BLOC for now is an infamous vaccination acquisition scheme: the safety trumpet of up to 2.6 billion dose, so far has not fulfilled. The EU countries remain significantly behind Israel, the United Kingdom and the United States in weapons.

    And all the time, the virus continues with its mortal spread.

    On Friday, the Prime Minister of Italy, Mario Draghi and the respected Robert Koch Institute for Infectious Diseases confirmed that their respective countries were experiencing a third wave of the pandemic. Restrictions Covid in Italy will be tightened on Monday, with a national blockade planned for Easter weekend.

    Countries in Central and Eastern Europe, proud of their health record during the first wave Covid, are now suffering terribly. image CopyRightTreutesImage CaptionInfection levels in Poland have returned to the previous peaks seen in November, since Central Europe is affected by a wave of cases

    Poland and Hungary have seen serious spikes in the infection, while the Czech Republic And the neighboring Slovakia inform some of the highest mortality rates per population in the world.

    This was certainly not what the European Commission had in mind in June when it announced a "European strategy to accelerate development, manufacture and deployment of cash and safe vaccines against COVID-19".

    At that time, the United Kingdom was knocked down by many in the country and abroad for not accepting an invitation from Brussels, even as a Member State of Exit, to jump aboard the vaccine against the EU. Contracting scheme.

    "The government focused on Brexit de Boris Johnson prefers to go alone? more Liberate them," was the feeling of many in the EU.

    but fast at the end of February and take a look at the head page of the popular Bild newspaper in Germany. In a mixture of German and English and with the flag of the Union as a backdrop, he reads in bold print: Liebe Great Britain, we benefit (dear Great Britain, we envy).

    This of a country with the famous scientific scientific level, Angela Merkel at the helm of her and that, at the beginning of the pandemic, seemed to lead the way how to deal with the virus effectively.

    So, what went wrong?

    The debate in Germany has become highly politicized in the general election of the term to the general elections of September.

    The Secretary General of the Social Democratic Party, a bitter rival of the CDU of Chancellor Merkel, announced that Germany should never hand over power to the European Commission to buy vaccines in the name of it.

    A few weeks ago there was a talk of the president of the European Commission, Ursula von der Limen, possibly, having to give up above the fact that contracts signed with vaccine producers were late and there were not what Sufficiently tight enough to ensure delivery.

    European politicians and voters wanted to know why the UK was able to obtain all their vaccines, but the EU was not.

    But the mood of the EU has changed slowly since then.

    Ursula von der Leyen (late) admitted that EU errors and governments became privately shared by some of the Bullets

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