Foreign citizens who have inoculated with one of the Chinese Vaccines Covid-19 can now enter the country through Hong Kong with simplified visa procedures. As of today, applicants who have taken one of Chinese vaccines must no longer provide a negative nucleic acid test, a form of health and travel declaration or an invitation letter with their requests for a porcelain visa.

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The new scheme, announced by the China Ministry Commissioner's Office in Hong Kong, is the first. I pass towards the issuance of Vaccine Visas from China, according to experts. If successful, the same or similar measures could be deployed with other countries.

Under the new rules, foreigners who request Hong Kong visas only need to provide the same documents required before the VOCID-19 PANDEMIC, plus a certificate of inoculation with one of the vaccines Chinese Two doses of a two-dose Chinese vaccine will be accepted with the appropriate waiting time in between or a dose of the Chinese vaccine of the single dose 14 days before the request is accepted.

foreigners and their families members can now use the scheme to request from entering mainland China to resume work or visit family members who are Chinese citizens or permanent residents . The scope of family reunification has also been expanded to include brothers, grandparents and grandchildren (as well as spouses, parents and children) in order to bring together the family, family members, taking care of elderly or diseased relatives critically and assisting The funerals. Holders of APEC Business Travel Cards can also apply for M visas with an invitation letter.

that remains unclear, however, if vaccinated arrivals should quarantine in China. According to Tao Lina, an expert in vaccines based in Shanghai, policies on quarantine procedures should still be "regulated".

All other foreign citizens who do not enter through Hong Kong with a Chinese vaccination with a Chinese vaccination The certificate will still have to follow the previous Covid and Visa requirements for their country of Origin, Global Times reports.


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