Chinese residents can now travel anywhere in China by train without taking a Covid-19 test first, according to reports. As of today, a negative nucleic acid test is no longer required when traveling by train to and from any China region, all of which are now considered low risk.

the changes in global times were confirmed by a customer service officer of the railway authorities, who said that the Passengers would only need a green health code to travel on the trainer system from now on. Since then, health times have reported that certain national airports are also implementing the same policy.

All the last areas of Risk Average remaining China were lowered at low risk on February 22 after localized outbreaks. In northern China, Hebei, Heilongjiang and Jilin provinces were taken under control. The continent has not seen infections of Covid-19-19 transmitted locally for 29 days, according to the official figures.

China's Covid vaccination program is also being ramp. More than 52 million doses were administered by February 28, with the authorities that promise to inoculate 560 million people, 40% of the population of China, at the end of June.

Despite the positive news, Wang Peiyu, the Deputy Head of the School of Public Health of the University of Beijing, has warned residents who remain vigilant when traveling. The mask of wear and social distancing must continue to be applied to prevent the spread of imported infections, he said.

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