An area in the Oasis of Dunhuang from the province of Gansu is marked as part of the anti-desertification measures ongoing, where the sand is immobilized and the trees planted. [The photo provided to China daily]

The Central Government's report discovers illegal registration and misuse of funds

A probe performed by the central government has shown that the trees were reduced in a Forest farm for planting fruits. In Dunhuang, Gansu province, and the local government is being forced to rectify the problem.

In January, the economic information of daily information conducted interviews on the ground and reported that the forest in the Yanguan forest farm of Yangguan de Dunhuang. It had been reduced by more than half when it expanded its vineyard pillars industry. Dunhuang is famous for his gourds of Mogao and collections of Buddhist art.

The forest, on the edge of the Kumtag desert, played an important role in the prevention of sandstorm, preserving water and soil, and safeguarding agriculture.

However, an initial probe performed by the local government later attracted the conclusion that there had not been an acute decrease in the forest area.

that triggered other media reports and public attention, which caused the ministry. of natural resources, the Ministry of Ecology and Environment and the National Forest Administration and Grasslands to launch a joint probe.

On Friday, the joint research team published a report, saying that there are several problems in the forest of the farm. Management, as a fall in the forest area, illegal logging and misuse of funds. The rectification plans have been carried out by the Provincial Government of Gansu, according to the report.

The Yangguan Forest Farm was established in 1963. Since the 1970s, the farm has explored new management models to support afforestation work by introducing grapes. They make higher profits, said the report.

In the last 30 years, the forest area of ​​the farm has decreased by 256 hectares, while the vineyard area and other fruit trees has increased by 236 hectares, according to the report.

Of those, however, only 26.6 hectares of vineyards and 11.1 hectares of Chinese dates were planted illegally by a local alcohol company between 2013 and 2014, he said.

The investigation confirmed that the farm has been planting trees in recent decades next to its northeast region, an area that does not really belong to the farm.

Surveys show that the farm had planted 242 hectares of shrubs in that region between 2009 and 2018, which supports the previous local place. The Vervestro affirms that there is no obvious decrease in forests in that general area.

In addition, there has been an illegal use of the forest land that covers 6.65 hectares for the construction of roads, and an investigation in the place identified seven places along the road on the farm where the trees that They had been planted to defend themselves from desertification have been registered illegally.

In addition, the forest in several parts of the farm was severely threatened by the drought, which resulted from the construction of nearby dams and swimming pools, according to the report.

revealed that lack of water has led to the death of 13.3 hectares of trees, and another 60 hectares of poplars are in danger due to drought. .

There were also other other problems in research, including the embezzlement of government subsidies and the illegal use of forest lands through hiring with local companies for profit, said the report.

AN has organized the inspection team to investigate any possible negligence or abandonment of duty, the report said.

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