A monkey and two Yunnan babies and their two babies are observed in the Baima Snow Mountain Nature Reserve in the province of Yunnan. Wang Changshan / Xinhua

A key top of the United Nations on the conservation of scheduled biodiversity to be carried out in China, commonly known as COP 15, has been postponed for the second time in the midst of safety concerns caused by the Pandemic Covid-19, he announced his secretariat.

The conference in Kunming, capital of the Yunnan province of Southwest China, has moved to October 11 to 24 "due to the situation of the current pandemic," said Elizabeth Mrema, Executive Secretary of The Convention on Biological Diversity (also known as the CBD), in a statement issued on Thursday.

The UN largest biodiversity meeting in a decade, the Summit is responsible for preparing the global biodiversity framework after 2020 and identifying the objectives of global biodiversity. to 2030. The biennial collection was originally scheduled in October of last year and subsequently beyond May this year.

"Lead to the conference and related meetings in Kunming provides the global community with more OPP orthunities to galvanize efforts at all levels to build a better future in harmony with nature," said Mrema .

In light of the ongoing uncertainties caused by the pandemic, however, she said that the secretariat will continue monitoring more. Developments and keep the Parties and the current CBD community of any change and adjustments that may be necessary.

"The Chinese Government has always attached great importance to preparatory work for COP 15", which is the first Global A Conference to be carried out under the subject of "ecological civilization," said a statement in The media of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment on Friday.

Ecological civilization is a concept promoted by President Xi Jinping for balanced and sustainable development that presents the harmonious coexistence of people and nature. The Kunming meeting is "ecological civilization, building a shared future for life on Earth."

"As a host country, China will seriously honor your responsibilities," she said. "The country will join the international community to improve bilateral and multilateral cooperation and strive to make COP 15 a milestone conference of complete success".

China is looking forward to seeing the ambitious but balanced conservation objectives that fully consider the skills of developing countries at the Conference, Cui Shuhong, General Director of Nature and Eco-Conservation in the Ministry of Ecology and Medium Atmosphere, he told a press conference at the end of January.

said that China expects to see the framework of global biodiversity after 2020 reflects the three objectives of the Convention on Biological Diversity: the conservation of biological diversity, the sustainable use of its components and the exchange of the Benefits, balanced.

In addition to offering guidance for future global efforts, the objectives must be established in a scientific, reasonable and sustainable manner, said Cui.

"The ability of the world, especially in developing nations, Sho should be taken into account when establishing the objectives," he said. "Regarding the mechanisms for mobilizing resources, implementation and evaluation, support for developing countries should be improved."

According to the ministry, China has marked the marked progress in the conservation of biodiversity, especially with respect to key species.

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