Warner Music Equipment with Tencent for Crack China Published in 22 hours AgasosHareCloshare Pagecopy Linkabout Sharingimage CopyrightGetty ImagesImage CaptionDua Lipa accepts the best Vocal Pop album during the annual Grammy Awards 63 years.

Warner Music has signed an agreement with the Tencent of China to help you enter the Asian fast-growing market.

The US record seal UU said the company. With the Chinese technical giant, he will help his artists like Dua Lipa and Ed Sheeran "impossible to ignore".

Companies have also launched a record label to develop artists together.

Universal Rivals Music and Sony Music have also reached similar offers with Tencent while looking for Crack China.

  • Warner Music Group Eyes $ 13.2bn Rating
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  • Universal music jumps on the bandhagon of k-pop

    While China has almost a fifth of the world population, it accounted for less than 3% of $ 20 billion (£ 14.4bn) in global revenues performed last year by registration companies.

    However, it is a fast-growing market thanks to the increase in transmission services, such as those who are owned by Tencent and the teammate of Tech Giant Alibaba.

    Tencent Music Entertainment (TME) is the largest music company in China and owns the Top-three transmission platforms of the region, QQ music, Kugou and Kuwo. Image CopyrightteTTY ImagesImage Captionk-Pop Super Group BTS

    Through the agreement, Tencent will ensure the rights to the recordings of thousands. From Warner music artists, ensuring that their songs remain on their dominant online music platforms.

    Cracking Asia

    American music groups have been rampanding investments in Asia, as they seek to capture new transmission clients with smartphones .

    Universal music signed an agreement last month with the main K-Pop registration labels to help you enter South Korea.

    He also joined forces with great entertainment, Super Group Super Group BTS label, to create a new registration label for Scout and launch a new K-Pop Boy together.

    While the main US registration labels UU are trying to enter China and the Asian region, Tencent has been investing billions of dollars in the US music market. UU ..

    You have acquired a 20% stake in universal music, a 9% stake in Spotify and a 2% stake in Warner Music.

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