Yinchuan, March 27 (Xinhua): This spring, Liu Xiaoping has hired a "babysitter" to attend his three hectares of black wheat. This new assistant, an agricultural manager with experience with the support of the government, has assumed almost all agricultural work.

Liu, 50, is a farmer in the village of Tazhai, in the Shapotou district of the city of Zhongwei, in the autonomous region of Ningxia Hui of Ningwest China . He has spent many years in the fields.

These days, however, despite the sandstorms and the sleet, Liu is staying at home, carefree.

"In previous years, he would have been anxious about the enormous damage done to the crops for such extreme weather during the planting time," Liu said. "But now the 'nanny' help with everything, from sowing to harvest."

The "babysitter" who spoke Liu is Cui Jian'an, the general manager. Of a local agribusiness that is providing the services of it by virtue of a government plan to promote the efficiency of agricultural production. Cui instructs local farmers about the best methods to grow crops, while supplying agricultural materials and helps make great decisions.

This year, Cui became a "nanny". For the first time, she taking control over 340 hectares of black wheat, helping to plant and guarantee the quality of the crops.

"is more scientific and convenient to grow. Quality crops with the help of agricultural machinery, instead of simply teaching farmers to plant," said Cui.

Cui has purchased many new agricultural machines to help with these responsibilities. He also employs 11 workers, who are all occupied in the fields of farmers. They have planted more than 200 hectares of land and will end their springs plantation work at the time of a week.

With the help of modern equipment, such as planting machines, manure spreaders and even drones, local farmers are now released from most of the work Manual that once was your daily routine.

At the beginning, Liu would follow the sowing machines to see if it is sown correctly.

"The machines sowed faster and better than us," she said. "I want to trust them with more crops next year, because I'm too old to handle as much land."

Grow farmers' income

The fruitfulness of Lui and Cui is only a Example of a broader government policy to implement "trusts" programs to help farmers in China, using modern methods to increase productivity and income by reducing the loading of manual work.

The programs offer "babysitting services" that include sowing, administration, technical services and financial support, effectively increasing the efficiency of farmland.

Last, year, 4.5 billion yuan (688 million US dollars) of government funding was spent on programs in 29 provinces, regions and municipalities.

"The final goal of everything we do is increase farmers' income," said Li Qing, a rural affairs officer in Shapotou District.

Large-scale trustee programs have not been carried out, but have also released farmers to do a heavy farm work And they allowed them to make extra money when working outside their citizens, Li, he said.

Shapotou District is the first area in Ningxia to pilot the Trust Program. Last year, the authorities introduced a platform from third parties and a data center to carry out the actual time supervision of the program.

"Any agroindustry that gets a poor E


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