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  • Coronavirus pandemic Image copyrighttreutersimage captionaustria's cancellor - Photographed here at the Summit on Thursday: It has complained about the distribution of the EU vaccine

    European countries should not turn on between Yes, in the midst of the growing tensions about Vaccine Supplies Covid, the President of the EU Parliament has said.

    The call for unit comes, since EU leaders have virtual conversations to discuss supplies and improve distribution through the 27 member states of the BLOC.

    Some countries have complained that the doses have no fairly been distributed.

    The meeting on Thursday will also see EU leaders to decide whether to approve proposals to harden export controls.

    These controls could affect the offer to the United Kingdom, where Prime Minister Boris Johnson has warned again t impose "blocks".

    Head of the European Commission Ursula von Der Leyen Twitteó that the Summit would "guarantee that Europeans obtain their fair share of vaccines." She also said that the EU had exported about 77 million doses to 33 countries since December, which converts the biggest vaccine bloc in the world.

    Some EU states, led by Austria, are requesting a review in the distribution of the method method after not getting enough dose earlier this year.

  • Why does the EU have vaccine problems?
  • Where is the oxford-astrazaneca vaccine?
  • ue the fluff with the UK on AstraZeneca Jabs intensifies

    "It does not make sense to train each other, as well as there is no sense to think that others are much better", The president of the European Parliament David-Maria Sassoli said. At a press conference on Thursday.

    "The more unity we show, the more confidence we will inspire," he added. "Salvation lies in working together."

    The vaccine slides in the EU states have begun slowly, and the block has blamed the pharmaceutical companies, mainly AstraZeneca, not to deliver its promised doses. The company has denied it that it does not meet your contract.

    What is happening on Thursday?

    The Chairman of the European Council, Charles Michel, is organizing the videoconferencing conference with EU leaders, since tensions increase how to distribute doses between Member States.

    The Austria Sebastian Kurz Chancellor is heading a campaign with five Eastern Europe nations to address what they say, it has been an unequal distribution of vaccines. .

    "If no solution is found here it could cause damage to the European Union, such as those we have not seen in a long time," Kurz said ahead of the Summit.

  • EU and UK try to finish the row with "win-win" on vaccines

    the EU is also divided into plans to introduce new export controls into vaccines in an effort by Increase your own supply.

    Some Member States fear that controls interrupt the global supply chains and damage already affected relations with the United Kingdom after Brexit, says Katya Adler of the BBC S.

    The proposals are more likely to affect the exporting countries of vaccines that have higher vaccination rates than the EU, such as the United Kingdom and the United States.

    When considering whether to limit exports, the EU would consider the state of the pandemic in that country, its vaccination rate, and if the country is exporting vaccines.

    , however, it would not have banned export prohibitions.

    A site in Belgium produces the Vaccine against Oxford-AstraZeneca, and another is expected in the Netherlands to increase JAB supplies in the EU.

    On Thursday, an EU official told the AFP news agency who had been sent 21 million vaccines from the Block to the United Kingdom, but none had been sent upside down.

    A draft of the Summit conclusions, views by several news media, including AFP and Reuters, according to reports,


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