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  • CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC CopyropaipaiMaimimient CAPTURAS CAPTIONINCINE In Europe, they have started slowly, blacked in delayed deliveries

    the United Kingdom and the European Union has said that They are working together to improve their relationship, after weeks of tensions about Vaccine Supplies Covid.

    In a joint statement, they said they wanted to "create a win-win situation and expand the supply of Vaccines for all".

    The European Commission before the toughest export controls proposed in Vaccines, amid the tensions on the Supplies of the Oxford-AstraZeneca JAB.

    Prime Minister Boris Johnson warned that "blockages" were not "sensible".

    The UK -EU statement said that "opening and global cooperation" would be key to addressing the pandemic.

    "We are all facing the same pandemic and the third wave makes cooperation between the EU and the UK even more important," he said. "We will continue our discussions."

  • Why does the EU have vaccine problems?
  • EU fight with the UK on AstraZeneca Jabs Escalates
  • PM Vaccines are established wagging languages ​​

    but there was little harmony before Wednesday When the Commission announced plans so that all vaccine shipments are evaluated on the rate of Vaccines and exports from the country of destination. The proposals, which will be presented before the EU leaders on Thursday are focused on the United Kingdom and particularly particularly.

    The tone of the EU-UK declaration was positive, but the real progress between the two sides described me a diplomat of the EU as "slow, cumbersome and difficult". On Both Sides.

    That does not mean impossible, but at its Summit on Thursday, some EU leaders, together with the European Commission, will continue to press the harder controls in vaccine exports. And they could hit the United Kingdom.

    EU experts say they had never expected to use controls. They say they want them as a means to put pressure on the vaccine companies and in the countries with vaccine production sites that are not exported to the EU.

    With a third wave of the pandemic that hits a large part of the continental Europe, EU leaders are climbing at a growing pressure to show voters who are taking measures to increase the supply of jabs and His implementation of Vaccines, in both who are losing behind the United Kingdom.

    The EU Health Commissioner, Stella Kyriakides rejected a suggestion that the goal was to punish the United Kingdom. "We are dealing with a pandemic and this is not looking to punish any country," she said.

    she asked if the UK could take retaliation, Mr. Johnson told the MPS that he did not believe "that blocks of Vaccines outside Vaccines. Or medications, vaccine ingredients" They would be "sensitive". Companies can draw conclusions about future investments "in countries where arbitrary blocked," she added.

    Meanwhile, in other developments:

  • In the midst of the continuous anger in Europe in Astrazeneca, a French government spokesman said the non-compliance of the Swedish company company of the United Kingdom was "totally unacceptable"
  • in Italy, the police raided a plant where 29 million doses of Astrazaneca had been processed. The EU official told the BBC that he asked for the RAID weekend to make sure everything was on the track
  • in Germany, the Chancellor Angela Merkel made a dramatic turn in U and canceled A five-day planned block about Easter after the generalized Week. review. "This error is just my mistake," she said
  • EU states are trying to accelerate your vaccination campaigns after a slow start. The PM of Italy said he wanted to increase the rate of inoculations in the country per day from 170,000 to half a million
  • , some 19 EU states are registering an increase in infections, these include Poland, Spain and France


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