More than 35 years in China is increasingly difficult to find work, according to industry reports and trend talks about the country's social networking platforms. And the phenomenon has only been exasperated by the economic impact of the pandemic.

According to a survey published last month by the State Council Development Research Center, almost two thirds of people aged 35 and more followed Looking for work last September after being dismissed at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic in March 2020. The research was based on data from the Zhaopin Chinese work portal, which also reported 15 percent. The interannual increases in more than 35 years who send their curriculums to the site between February and September. This was more than double the rate for children under 35 years of age. The industries strongly affected by the pandemic, such as retail and wholesale, saw a disproportionate increase in resumption presentations.

According to the study, almost half of the work, the applicants in category 35 and about the category fall from middle or high income groups to the group of low income as a result of a loss of profits. The study predicted that a third party could only survive for three months at its current spending level, with 70 percent that says they face economic pressures in the form of medical bills, childhood education costs and mortgage payments.

Complaints about age discrimination in the Chinese labor market has also been a topic of conversation on the country's social networking platforms, insofar as state media have appointed the trend, "the phenomenon of the 35 years ". A discussion entitled "How do you live an unemployed person of 40 years?" He has won more than 27 million visits from last year, last year's questions, the Zhihu website, with commentators who share their frustrations with the attempt to find work in middle-aged.

Talking to the SCMP, David Huang said he has not even bothered to apply for jobs after the clothing factory he has in Guangdong closed last year. "I'm almost 50 years old, am I going to look for work? No. There is nothing for me," he said. "Finding jobs is too difficult."

Discrimination by age in the workplace is not illegal in China, and many labor publications, even for public administration, specifically request applicants under 35 years of age. The trend is particularly prevalent in the technological sector, which prefers the hiring of new graduates who will take lowest salaries and will not complain about the standard hours of the 996 industry (9 a.m. to 9 p.m., six days a week).

Although China faces an aging population and a labor force that are reduced after more than three decades of single-child policy, youth and energy are still apparently favored about age and the experience. Diplomas are becoming less valuable since increasing inscriptions in tertiary institutions, and knowledge of major employees can be learned by younger workers through reports and Internet tutorials.

Shanghai Sunny Dong recruiter confirmed the SCMP that many of the recruiters who work with the age limits of 35 years, but insists that the requirement is not always established in stone. "I have recruiters who do not want applicants over 35 ... but give them a good candidate who knows many people in international schools for a marketing position and still hire it, so it's not absolute," he said .

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