Beijing - China will continue to guarantee the right to compulsory education of the children of migrant workers, promoting equal access to schooling, said the Ministry of Education on Wednesday.

The number of children who migrate to urban areas. With his parents in the midst of his nine-year compulsory education period he reached 14.3 million in 2020, said an surgeon of 626,000, Lyu Yugang, head of the Basic Education Department of Moe, told a press conference.

The year 2020 saw 85.8 percent of these children studying in public schools or private schools with the expenditure subsidized by the government. The figure is only shy of the national registration rate at the public school of 89.2 percent, Lyu said.

The Ministry will further improve policies with respect to the admission of children from migrant workers, especially in cute megacities and regions with the mass population. Application, in order to ensure that all school-age children have access to compulsory education, Lyu said.

Lyu added that educational resources in urban areas will be further promoted to meet the needs of the growing resident. Population.

Calling more attention to the children of migrant workers, Lyu said that efforts will also be made to help them adapt to school life and promote their full growth.


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