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  • Hong Kong Protests against government Hangzhoujobs.com/view-blog/1278" target="_BLANK">Image CopyrightTty ImagesImage CaptionJimmy LAI is the founder of Apple daily, and is often critical with Chinese leadership and Chinese leadership

    seven of pro- Most prominent democracy of Hong Kong. of an illegal assembly related to enormous demonstrations two years ago.

    Media Tycoon Jimmy Lai and the Veteran Politician Martin Lee went among those convicted of organizing an unauthorized march.

    The seven had pleaded guilty, but now they faced time in jail.

    A small group of protesters outside the court maintained the posters denouncing political persecution.

    Two other activists had already declared guilty and face five years in jail.

    The seven group will be condemned at a later date. Some of them also face other charges, even under the National Security Law imposed by Beijing, which was introduced in response to the massive protests of 2019 and carries severe penalties, including long prison sentences.

  • What is China's patriot? 'Plan for Hong Kong?

    After the waves of pro-democracy protests, Beijing is increasingly broken into the rights and freedoms of the city.

    China Before the week passed earlier in the week, changes to Hong Kong's electoral rules, which will allow potential parliamentarians first to be carried out by a pro-beinying committee. image coprightepaimage captionmartin lee, 82, (left) off the court before the verdict

    What did the seven do?

    Together with Mr. Lai and Mr. Lee, former Legislators Margaret NG, Cyd Ho Sau-Lan, Lee Chun-Yan, Albert Ho Chun-Yan and Leung Kwok-Hung, known as "Hair Long, "they were condemned.

    The defense team says that meeting freedom is protected by the Constitution of Hong Kong, and that the authorities had approved a demonstration that then became unauthorized march.

    The prosecution argued that freedom of assembly, tailored to the Constitution, was not absolute in Hong Kong.

    Who are the defendants?

    Mr. LAI is one of the most prominent supporters of Hong Kong's pro-democracy movement, and faces separate charges according to the Beijing National Security Law.

    estimated that he is worth more than $ 1bn (£ 766 million), he made his initial fortune in the clothing industry and then ventured to the media and was founded below.

    He next public apple. Daily, a well-read tabloid that is frequently critical with the Chinese Leadership of Hong Kong and Continental.

  • The rebellious magnate of Hong Kong and the pro-democracy voice
  • HK Tycoon Jimmy Lai denied security under security law

    in a landscape of local media each Goo more Beijing, Mr. Lai is a persistent thorn for China, both through its publications and writing.

    He has seen it become a hero for many residents in Hong Kong, but on the continent, he is seen as a traitor who threatens Chinese national security.

    interviewed by the BBC before the arrest of him at the beginning of December, he said he would not exchange intimidation.

    "If you can induce fear in you, that is the cheapest way to control it and the most effective way and know it. The only way to defeat the form of intimidation is to face fear and Don lets it You will scare you. " Hangzhoujobs.com/view-blog/1278" target="_BLANK">image CopyrightTty ImagesImage CaptionMR LAI outside the headquarters of the company in 2011

    Martin Lee, the 82-year veteran of Hong Kong's fight for more political rights, is the founder

    Beijing  Hangzhou 

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