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"I wrote the song to deal with the pressure. It was an escape."

When the paramedic David Webster heard that his colleagues at the hospital became seriously ill. With Covid and one had died, he wanted to find a throw for the sadness he felt.

"was near the start of the pandemic. We ended up with some of our employees in intensive care, being looked after their own colleagues," he said.

"Everyone was really sad. You could say that everyone was really suffering with the weight of responsibility, not only for the public, but for others."

The father of two of 53 years decided to compromise him intense emotions to music, and googled "How to write a song".

"I had never written a song before," he said. "But I returned home from work and said, 'I need to write this'. I sat down, I wrote some letters and put a melody on my guitar. Putting it on paper ... I definitely found that it helped."

The song of it is one of the various themed blocking melodies in a BBC project. Now, that's what I call Lockdown is a collection of songs and music written by BBC Radio 5 listeners live.

The goal was "Build the Lockdown Ultimate playlist, a possibility that listeners of all rules, amateurs and professionals, listen to their music played on the radio," said the presenter Chris Warburton.

The songs cover the topics that resonate with times, loneliness and loss, but also hope for the future, meetings and love.

Balada of David Webster, my heart is blue, it was inspired by blue hearts. That people had begun to share on social networks to show their support for NHS.

David, who lives in Cumbria and works for college hospitals of the Morecambe Bay NHS Foundation Foundation, said he had wanted the song to be "a gift for my NHS family".

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