The Hong Kong police have arrested two cases of drug trafficking recently and seized about 706 kg of cocaine in one of them. [Photo /]

Hong Kong: Hong Kong police said on Sunday that they have arrested two cases of drug trafficking recently and seized about 706 kg of cocaine in one of them, which was the biggest route of cocaine seized in Hong Kong.

On April 2, the police intercepted a man in so, the new territories, and found 165 kg of cocaine in five cardboard boxes in his cart. Another 495 kg of cocaine were found by the police in a unit of a nearby industrial building. The next day, the police intercepted another man and found 46 kg of cocaine in his house in Sha Tin.

Superior Superintendent of the NG Kwok-Cheung Police Narcotics Office said a press release session that seized drugs were created. To be originated in South America, and were taken to the waters of Hong Kong by oceanic boats and recently transported to fast-boat.

The police cracked another drug traffic case in Sau Mau Ping, Kowloon, on April 2. , when a man was involved and 29 kg of methamphetamine were taken and 400 g of heroin bricks were taken. The police believed that drugs were from Southeast Asian countries.

The police said there has been a growing drug trend, including cannabis, cocaine, ketamine and heroin, found in Hong Kong in recent years.

The police said due to travel restrictions under the epidemic, drug trafficking groups are no longer traffic medications in small lots, but they hid them in bulk in legal goods.

Under the dangerous drugs of Hong Kong Ordinance, the traffic of a dangerous drug is a serious crime. The maximum penalty of condemnation is a fine of 5 million HK dollars (around $ 643,002) and perpetual chain.

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