Beijing, April 5 (Xinhua): It is estimated that 144.52 million domestic trips were held during the day holiday in China, official data were shown.

Compared to the same period last year, the figure arose 142.4 percent for three-day vacations, which lasted on Saturdays to Monday this year, According to the Ministry of Transportation.

Domestic train trips exceeded 9.33 million from 9.33 million in the latest data from the China State Co. Railway Group, Ltd.

As the number of travelers returned reached their point on Monday, trips to railroads will reach 14.25 million on the last day of the holiday, the group said.

Airlines Managed nearly 4.33 million passenger trips during the holidays, a jump of 256.4 percent year over year, the ministry estimated.

Meanwhile, the passenger charging factor, WH is how much of the available seat capacity of an airline is used, it was estimated at 73.4 percent, up to 8.1 PORTAL POINTS A year ago, he said.

Tomb- The day of sweep, also known as Qingming Festival, was observed on April 4 of this year. It is a traditional Chinese holiday during which people pay tribute to the members of the deceased family. Many also spend vacations traveling. Enditem follow by on Twitter and Facebook to join the conversation. Download applications from ChinaNews


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