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  • CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC Captionethe PM Media on Astrazeca Security Safety Jab

    People must get their Covid-19 Jab when invited, said the PM, in the midst of concerns On the possible side effects of the Vaccine against Oxford-AstraZeneca.

    Boris Johnson said he was vaccinated, he was "the key" and the regulator's advice was to continue giving the jab.

    It occurs after an official of the European Medicines Agency, speaking in a personal capacity, said that there seemed to be a bond with rare-rare blood clots.

    More than 31.6 million people in the United Kingdom have had a first dose of vaccine.

    A total of 5.4 million people have received a second dose.

    Two vaccines, developed by Oxford-AstraZeneca and Pfizer-Biontech, are being used in the United Kingdom, while a third, from modern, has been approved.

  • AstraZeneca: Is there a risk of blood clot?
  • Seven coagulation deaths from the United Kingdom after the AstraZeneca vaccine

    European medicines The Agency Security Committee (EMA) has been reviewing very rare cases of blood clots Unusual in people vaccinated with the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine.

    He said that the Committee "had not yet reached a conclusion and the review is currently underway," but it is expected to announce the findings on Wednesday or Thursday.

    The regulator of the United Kingdom The Regulatory Agency for Medicines and Health Products (MHRA) says that the benefits of the Jab continue to surpass any risk.

    During a visit to the Astrazeneca manufacturing plant in Macclesfield, Cheshire, Mr. Johnson defended him the vaccine.

    "In the Oxford-Astrazeneca vaccine, the best thing to do people is to look at what MHRA says, our independent regulator, that's why we have them, that's why they are independent," said the Mr. Johnson, who has received the firs. Dosage of the vaccine itself.

    "Your advice from him for people is to move forward, get his jab, get his second jab".

    The Prime Minister added: "The best of all is vaccinating our population, making everyone go to the Jab, that is the key and that is what I would advocate, number one".

    More information is needed

    All medications, from vaccines to paracetamol, have the potential to cause serious side effects.

    The JAB of seasonal flu has around a unique probability of a million causing Guillain-Barre's syndrome from the nerve disorder.

    The key question is whether the risks are worth the benefits.

    Even if the vaccine was the cause, and this is not yet proven, the numbers suggest around a death in every 2.5 million people vaccinated in the United Kingdom.

    For all over 75 infected there is a death by eight Covid infections.

    For those in their 40 years, it is a death by 1,000.

    In the face, the risk-benefit ratio is clearly in favor of vaccination.

    What is needed now is more information about who has been suffering these rare blood clots. How old are they? Do you have any underlying health condition that could explain what happened?

    This will help reduce what risks are.

    An update of the UK regulator, as well as the European - is expected in the coming days.

    EMA has previously said that there was no "no evidence" to support the restriction of the use of the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine in any population.

    Dr. Rogerio Pinto de Sa Gaspar, Director of Regulation and Prequalification in the World Health Organization, SA

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