Hong Kong, April 7 (Xinhua): Around 502,500 Hong Kong residents have taken the first Jab of the Vaccine Covid-19, showed official data.

The Government of the Special Administrative Region of Hong Kong has said that some 113,000 people have been fully vaccinated under the mass inoculation program as of February 26.

The Hong Kong Health Protection Center reported eight newly confirmed cases on Wednesday, including two non-trampable local infections. There were also 10 preliminary positive cases, mostly imported.

The Covid-19 Tally was 11.539 in Hong Kong. EndItem

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                    China to launch first crew to new space station
China to launch first crew to new space station

Shenzhou-12: China to launch the first crew to the new space station Published 4 hours agasosharcacelloshare pagecopy linkabout SharingImage Copyrig

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