Beijing, April 9 (Xinhua): China strongly opposes the United States by adding seven entities of Chinese supercomputing to their "entity list", and will take the necessary measures to safeguard In a resolute, the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese companies, a spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said on Friday.

Zhao Lijian spokesperson made the observations when answering a relevant question in a daily information session.

Zhao said that the US government. UU had repeatedly abused the concept of national security and state power, and it was to suppress Chinese companies Technology to maintain its monopoly and hegemony in science and technology. China strongly opposes this, he added.

"The United States has imposed a technical blockade in China in the field of supercomputers for a long time, but China supercomputers can still become global leaders through From independent Innovation, "said the spokesman, adding that the suppression of the United States can not prevent China's scientific and technological progress, but will only strengthen China's determination to pursue independent Innovation. EndItem

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