Ramallah, April 19 (Xinhua) - Palestine hopes that Israel does not respond to the Palestinian application for allowing Palestinians in East Jerusalem to participate in the upcoming general elections, officials said. .

"ignoring the official Palestinian request is a clear answer that the Israeli government does not want to allow Palestinian elections in East Jerusalem," Ahmed Majdalani, a member The Executive Committee From the Palestinian Liberation Organization (OPL), told reporters in the city of West Bank of Ramallah.

In January, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas announced that 2021 general elections include legislative elections on May 22, presidential elections on July 31, and Elections of the Palestinian National Council, the largest decision-making body of the Palestinian Liberation Organization, August 31.

Previously on the day, Israeli president, Reuven Rivlin, spoke on the phone with his Palestinian Abbas counterpart on Ramadan's Muslim Fasting Month, the official agency reported of news WAFA.

Wafa, however, did not say if they discussed the Palestinian application to celebrate elections in East Jerusalem.

Meanwhile, Hana Nasser, President of the Palestinian Central Elections Commission (PCEC), said in a press statement that the PCEC is ready to maintain legislative elections In East Jerusalem and all Palestinian territories.

"The Commission is ready to hold the elections in Jerusalem, under the agreed protocols with the Israeli side that allows the vote in six voting centers in the post offices In the eastern part of the city, "he said.

According to Nasser, there are 150,000 Palestinians in East Jerusalem that have the right to vote.

In case Israel does not respond until April 30, "the Commission has other arrangements to ensure the success of the voting process," said the Palestinian official.

Palestinians say that Israel allowed the celebration of elections in East Jerusalem in the last legislative elections held in 2006.

Palestinians seek to choose a new parliament and a new president through general elections in all Palestinian territories, including the Gaza Strip, West Bank and East Jerusalem. EndItem


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