Beijing, April 21 (Xinhua) - Late night at night, the light shines from the window of an old campus apartment from the University of Beijing. Inside, the Centennial Translator Xu Yuanchong works diligently on his computer, completing the daily task of him, translating 1,000 words.

Xu, who celebrated her 15th birthday on Sunday, began teaching at the university in 1983 and is now retired. Throughout a long and prolific academic career, Xu has persecuted the beauty of language and is dedicated to creating literary ties among Chinese, English and French speakers.

"I am the only translator capable of representing Chinese poems in English and French," Xu has written with confidence in her business card. Xu is emboldened by the amount of translations of mentality that he has done in his life, including more than 180 novels, anthologies and works that have reached millions of readers around the world.


The XU literary translation career started in 1938 when he enrolled in A Foreign Language Program at the former National Associated University of Southwest Kunming, Southwest China Yunnan Province.

At first, he adopted a little orthodox approach to literary translation and has been fighting for it since then. The work of him is more than literally translating words from one language to another. He adapts the original wording when necessary to be readable and is relative to his target readers.

A translation should be as beautiful as or even more than the original, Xu said. Regarding translation as an art, he promotes Innovation and creation, which he is in a marked contrast with many other academics who advocate translation as science and produce a strict equivalent to the original.

Leaving aside the controversy, the translation of it works aesthetically pleasant. The examples are easily found in the extensive achievements of it ranging from the "book of poetry", the oldest collection of Chinese poetry, to the Confucian masterpiece, "said the Master."

An impossible mission XU achieved the translation of a verse of Chinese poetry in "the forest without limits threw its shower sheets by shower; the endless river rolls its Waves hours after the time ". Jon Eugene von Kowallis from the University of New South Wales said "Elegies of the South", translated by XU, it is a high peak even in English and in the American literature The Minerva Press, based in London, said that the translation of the XU of "Romance of the Western Bower" by Yuan Dynasty Author Wang Shifu "could compete with Shakespeare's" Romeo and Juliet "on appeal and art. "

In 2014, the International Federation of Translators (FIT) granted Xu Aurora Borealis award for the exceptional translation of fiction literature, the highest prize of the Profession. XU is the first Asian translator to win the honor since the setting in 1999.

Linguistic bridge

Through your search for excellence, XU has allowed the audience in English and French-speaking to better understand the beauty of Chinese literature and Chinese wisdom below. Chinese readers are also offered the opportunity to Appreciate foreign works in the same way you read novels and poems written in your mother tongue.

Xu believes that a translation should help readers understand, as and enjoy of the original. A faithful translation allows readers to understand the previs meaning to work, the reproduction of beauty will help you develop a love for literary work, and read a translated version that combines precision and beauty will be a great delight, Xu said.
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