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The Emergency Management Ministry on Friday ordered the Shanghai Municipal Government to closely investigate a fire that claimed eight lives in the city Jinshan district.

The fire exploded on Thursday afternoon in a Sheng-Rui electronics factory (Shanghai) CO.

According to the Xinhua news agency, the factory produced electronic accessories.

A total of 123 fire engines, eight fire extinction robots and 976 firefighters went to the site to extinguish fire. After 17 hours, the fire set out at 6:20 a.m. on Friday, according to a version of the City Information Office.

Due to the complex internal structure and heavy smoke of the burning production equipment, four workers were trapped within the installation.

Two firefighters and two technicians who went to rescue them also lost contact before they were discovered on Fridays on Fridays along with those of the other four trapped.

The District Information Office said that air and water assessments in the surrounding areas showed no anomalies and water used to combat fire has been collected and stored for treatment.

Electronic SHEng-Rui technology had been ordered to rectify problems immediately after a security inspection on February 25 by the Department of Fire and Rescue of the Jinshan District.

The company is owned by Rikai Computer Accessory Co, which is a subsidiary of Apple Inc provider Luxshare Precision Industry Co.

According to current regulations, a safety incident with less Of 10 victims are classified as grade 3 of a four-degree system with grade 1, being the highest.

While a grade 3 incident is usually handled by the prefecture level, or as in this case, by the Government of the Jinshan District, the Ministry of Emergency Management has ordered the Municipal Government De Shanghai seriously examine the cause of the fire to prevent future incidents.


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