Beijing, April 25 (Xinhua) - "Cliff Walkers", the first raid of the renowned Chinese director Zhang Yimou in the spy genre, has received a wide acclaim of viewers and the Critics alike. A test test Saturday.

Starring Zhang Yi and Yu Hewei, the heavy weight of the action is established for release in China on April 30, joining a packaged alignment for detection During the five -day holiday holiday as of May 1, usually a busy film period.

Yin Hong, Vice President of China's Film Association and a recognized film critic, was amazed at the star launch of the film and acclaimed its high quality in a Publication of social networks.

"Cliff Walkers" currently has a rating of 9.2 of 10 in EcoAdan tickets. its version in North America, Australia and New Zealand is also scheduled for April 30, according to the image of CMC S, the film dealer in the Foreign. EndItem


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