Lotus to launch the latest pure gasoline sports car

By Theo LeggettBusiness Correspondent, BBC News Published in 13 hours AGASOSHARECLOSHARE Pageecopy Linkabout SharingImage CopyrightLotusImage CaptionLotus is already experimenting with electrification with your Hypercar Evija, which enters production at the end of the year

the creator Deportivo that Lotus has announced that a new model, who must call EMIRA, will be his latest conventionally powered car.

The new design is part of an important business review based on Norfolk, which is controlled by China's Geely.

Management Director Matt Windle told the BBC that it would form a bridge between what he called today's analog cars and the digital cars of tomorrow.

The firm wants all your models to be electric in the future.

The investment program orchestrated by Geely, which will see production. In the United Kingdom tripled, as well as expansion abroad, it is expected to cost more than £ 2 billion.

Car from the Bond company

Lotus is a redolent brand with heritage. The car company was founded at the beginning of the 1950s by Engineer Colin Chapman. It was a brother business to the race team, which was greatly successful in the 1970s and 70.

After Mr. Chapman's death, the Lotus group struggled. He spent periods under General Motors, Bugatti and the Group of Proton Malaysia, but despite producing evocative designs, such as the Espr., a cars of the occasional company for James Bond, rarely earned money.

In 2017 the business was taken by Zhejiang Geely Holding and Malaysia Etalka Automotive, with Geely with a control stake. A year later, he released a "long-term business transformation strategy", called Vision 80. Media Caption'Lotus has always been based on Innovation '

The EMIRA is part of that strategy: a New sport aimed at increasing Lotus's global appeal. The company had been widely expected to announce that the new car would be electric or hybrid, but that did not turn out to be the case.

According to Matt Windle, this was because the company needed time to prepare for a future in which Lotus will have to become an all-electric manufacturer.

'Last hurray'

As a result, it chose to launch a model that incorporates a large number of new technologies, but fueled by internal combustion Motor.

"We needed to build the team, we needed to build our experience to move on to electrification," he said. image CopyrightGetty ImagageImage CaptionLotus has a history of producing evocative designs such as the ESPRIT - A cars of the casual company for James Bond

"This is a last hurray for internal combustion cars, and then we move towards the Future of electrification ".

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    In fact, Lotus has already taken a step in that Address, with the launch of your Hypercar, avoid, which is due to production at the end of this year.

    For a small manufacturer like Lotus, which currently builds approximately 1,600 cars per year, the changes facing the industry over the next few years, with electrification and higher automation, represent a formidable challenge.

    Expansion plans

    However, Geely's financial support and Etika means that Lotus is planning not only to develop new products, but Also to expand.

    "With the Emira, we are Goi

    Zhejiang  Innovation 

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