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on Monday by The night saw the fourth full moon of 2021, the so-called Rosa Supermoon.

Photographers captured the lunar event along with impressive landscapes and famous monuments. Image CopyrightGyTTY Imagage Caption Golden Statue of Victoria at the top of the Victoria column in Berlin, Germany, it seemed to have a halo when the moon shone behind it, the Supermoon behind him, looks big and bright in the sky Due to its proximity to Earth, passing only 360,000km (22,4000 miles) from our planet.

The Rosa Supermoon this month is named after pink flowers called Fallox Phlox, which flowers at the beginning of spring throughout the United States and Canada.

Moon full of April is the first of the two Supermons in 2021, with the next one that takes place on May 26.

Here are photos from Around the world. I Mage CopyRightTreutesImage Captionel Supermoon rose over the Emirates Air Line cable car in LondonImage CopyrightTreutersImage Captionsheep spent Around Stonehenge near Amesbury, in the United Kingdom, in the United Kingdom, in the United Kingdom, in the United Kingdom , in the United Kingdom, an atmospheric scene was read against COP Folly in Cheshire, Ukimage CopyrightGettyTTTY Imagage Page The Statue of Liberty in New York City, United States, seemed to have a crown of light like Rose Supermoon, as seen From Jersey City, CopyrightsImage of New JerseyImage CopyrightTrementsImage, the New York Skyline and Empire State Building made an impressive close-up for the full copyrighterfaimagen of Moonimage Captionel Faro de Nubble in Cape Neddick, in York, Maine, Usamage CopyRightPage Captionthe Pink Supermoon Seen next to figures in the famous Charles Bridge in Prague, Czech Republic (Up and Down) Image of CopyrighePaimage Cop YRIGHEPAIMAGE Captya Silhouetted cignezed its feathers while on its egg in the village of Rzanicino, near Skopje, in the Republic of North Macedoniaimage CopyrightPagePage Captiongulls gathered in Bosphorus Strait in Istanbul, TurkeyImage CopyRightPage Captionthe Pink Supermoon was an orange Pink when seen from Johannesburg, South Africaimage CopyrightGetty ImagesImage Captionin Paris, the moon was seen against the Eiffel Tower and the Pegasus supported by the statues of fame in the Pont Alexandre III BridgeImage CopyrightAfpimage Captionllorient, at Western Franceimage Copyrightttytty ImagesImage CaptionSteam illuminated By the light reflected outside the Supermoon in the geothermal facilities of the skins in Calipatria, California, Usimage Copyrightyty ImagesImage Captionin Rome, Italy, a photographer chose a statue in the Vittorian as the backdrop of the Supermoonimage CopyrightAfpimage Captionhavana, Cubaimage Copyr IGHTGETTY IMAGESIMAGE CAPTIONESIDENTRINTNAL Buildings were illuminated by the Supermoon Rising in Chongqing, Chinaimage CopyrightGetty ImagesImage Captionin Sydney, Australia, the Supermoon was partly darkened by the clouds over the Sydney Opera House

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