Chengdu, April 30 (Xinhua): In a short Video, an employee of a stock company shares his experience to stop the need to spend unnecessarily, save money to get benefits from The investment of the Fund.

As the number of young investors grows, many stock companies are using short Videos on social networks to serve young investors who grow up in the era of Internet.

According to a report published in March by the Asset Management Association of China, the number of free-selling accounts in public funds reached 600 million by the end of 2019 . The proportion The investors under 30 have exceeded one third, and approximately 80 percent of individual investors use mobile terminals as an important means of transaction, the READ report.

Short Videos have become fashionable for investment, and many stock companies have intensified efforts in this regard.

On the Bilibili popular shared Video platform, for example, the financial investment Video transmission grew 464 percent year in the year by 2020.

in Xiaohongshu, a fashion platform and lifestyle lifestyle Similar to Instagram, the official account of Guelosen Securities, publishes the content of financial knowledge, often with An employee who offers explanations to the public.

Some values ​​companies choose to publish short Videos in their official applications or in the WeChat messaging service.

Behind such efforts is China's booming public fund market. The official figures showed that the net value of assets in public funds totaled about 20 billion yuan (3 billion US dollars) at the end of 2020. "Many From investors are young, born mainly after 1985 and in the 1990s, "said Qin Yangfan, with Sichuan's branch of Guotai Junan Securities. "Most of them have bought funds in Alipay, but their assets are not tall."

lu xiaomeng, researcher with the Sudwestern University of Finance and Economy, said that the uncertainties caused by Covid-19 have made investors more conservative, and diversity And the low risks of public funds have made them more popular among investors.

With adequate investment concepts, investors will maintain their passion for long-term funds, lu added. EndItem

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