Beijing, May 1 (Xinhua): The distance between two cities can not be shortened, but the travel time can.

That was the commitment made by the Beijing 2022 Winter Olymplane Olympics Olympics Committee in 2015, when Beijing and the city of Zhangjiakou won the co-offer for Organize the 2022 Winter Olympics.

Your commitment has become a reality, such as a highway that connects the Beijing Yanqing District and the Zhangjiakou Chongli District, two places for the event, It has reduced the travel time for just one hour.

Zhao Shuang, a Beijing resident, he said with the road, can drive north to overcome the heat in summer and ski in winter.

"The highway does not only save the driving time, but it also gives me new ways to spend my weekend," said Zhao, 31.

The artery section of the Yanqing-Chongli Highway, which was opened to CI traffic in January 2020, has become an example of a green and intelligent infrastructure project .

du hejun, chief engineer of the project of the highway of a construction company affiliated with the Beijing. Capital Highway Development Group Co., Ltd., said the routing and bridges and tunnels of the road were designed to minimize environmental impact.

"We save as much as the construction land as possible and the doors of the tunnel have been all verified to go with the landscape," Du said. "These details have echoed the concept of 'green winter olympics'."

Complete coverage of the services of the" target="_BLANK">Satellite Navigation System Beidou has been made along the road, which is equipped with numerous cameras, radars and other facilities of Monitoring and road detection. With these facilities, the road will allow autonomous driving with a speed of 80 km per hour, Du said.

The highway has facilitated the development of Chongli, previously impoverished. Area about 220 km from Beijing.

The local village Xie Ting no longer has to work in the fields and has become a ski instructor.

"With my new job, I have a much higher income, as well as new friends from the neighboring cities of Beijing and Tianjin," said the 204-year-old man.

Yu Jianyou, a manager in charge of the construction of the Hebei section of the Yanqing-Chongli highway, said the construction of a branch line is expected of the highway is completed in June.

"The extension project will finally bring a highway highway to the Chicheng County, which will provide more opportunities to nearby nearby mountainous villages," Yu said. EndItem

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