Hong Kong, May 1 (Xinhua) - After presiding on the passage of the government's annual budget, Andrew Leung, President of the Legislative Council (Legco) of the Special Administrative of Hong Kong Region (HKSAR), prepared to obtain more tasks to achieve on your work agenda.

"Hong Kong was like a train that leaves the rails due to chaos over the past. Years. Thanks to the measures of the central authorities, Hong Kong is Return on the track and can go ahead, "Leung said in an interview with Xinhua.

Returning to Normal

Eight hours were taken the time made by the Legco to adopt the budget of This year earlier this week. It is unimaginable in the past.

Deliberating and approve the annual budget proposed by the Government of H tar is an important crucial legislative function for the economic activities and welfare of Hong Kong residents. However, there used to be more than a month from Filibusters in each April and May since 2014 before the budget was approved.

"Many measures in the benefit of the budget Hong Kong residents. Why should not they be approved and implemented before?" Leung said, citing the measures of this Year of consumer coupons and loans to the unemployed to subsidies to power charges.

Leung noted that there were legislators that were filled in everything, and such legislators had their own political agenda to obstruct the roles of Legco and when swinging with external forces, ignoring The interests of Hong Kong.

The legco recently reviewed its rules of procedure to allow the suspension of misconduct legislators, in an expected movement to reduce the room for malicious filibusters.

More efficiency, Leggo members will have more time to listen to the voice of the public members and solve their problems, Leung said.

Squeezed Agenda

After the invoice by improving Hong Kong's electoral system was introduced by the Government to Leggo On April 14, related bills are committed to the T-shirt has passed around 45 hours, so far, when reviewing the draft and will continue to make efforts totally in its deliberation, Leung said.

Leung said he was sure that the second and third bill readings would be completed in May so that the three main elections of the Election Committee, Legco and the Chief Executive stay smoothly in less than a year in Hong Kong.

As the Leggos seats increase 90 in accordance with Annex I amended and Annex II of the Basic Law of HKSAR, Leung said that the expansion allows more People with different origins and makes the spectrum of Hong Kong wider.

With the enhanced electoral system, more talent, including those that are previously frustrated by the political chaos will be attracted by the legislature, Leung said.

after street violence and legislative chaos in recent years, one leg coal back to normal with the implementation of the "patriots man managing Hong Kong" It will benefit the peoples of Hong Kong, he said.

for people

Apart from local electoral legislation, Leggo and Government are also working In many other invoices that refer to economic issues and livelihoods, Leung said, adding that the legislature will hold additional meetings in summer with the aim of finishing work before October.

"Legislators supervise and also interact with the Government to jointly serve the people of Hong Kong," he said, adding that every month, the EX chief

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