The Chinese adventurer Wen Xu reaches the top of 7,546 meters Muztagata, a mountain in the Autonomous Region of Xinjiang Uygur, in 2018. China daily

A Chinese adventurer makes an arduous trip to increase the public awareness of global warming.

The wind is strong at the south pole, with a speed of more than 20 kilometers per hour. When the sky becomes milky white, a unique phenomenon in the polar regions, the horizon disappears.

with visibility lower than a meter, and without a reference object to the view, dragging his 185 kilogram sleigh, Wen Xu had to regularly consult his compass to make sure he did not go from his way and he Lose in the apparently endless white extension.

on the second day of the adventure of him, to protect himself from the cold. He tried to put another jacket down, but to do it he had to remove his windproof gloves. Suddenly, a gust of wind trapped the gloves, who disappeared in alabaster vacuum. Worse yet, since he tried to recover them, the second warm layer of him, the jacket he tried to put, was also taken by the wind, a more unfortunate, and potentially dangerous turn, the turn of the events.

Wen was in his solitaire, without support, walk by the man who transports the man through Antarctica after leaving the north coast of the island of Berkner.


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