Coronavirus: How India descended to Covid-19 Chaos

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On Monday, a senior official of the Federal Government of India said to the Journalists who had no shortage of oxygen in Delhi or Anywhere else in the country.

While he spoke, several small hospitals, just a few kilometers from where he was in the capital, were sending desperate messages over them that remained without oxygen, putting the life of patients at risk.

The main physician of one of the hospitals: a specialized pediatric installation, told the BBC that "our hearts were in our mouth" due to the risk of children to die. They have supplies just in time, after a local politician intervened.

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    And yet, the federal government has repeatedly insisted that there was no shortage. "We only face problems in transport," said Piyush Goyal, a main officer of the Domestic Ministry of India.

    He also advised hospitals to "ensure oxygen judicious use according to guidelines." Several doctors who have spoken with BBC say they are giving oxygen only to patients who need it, but there is not enough.

    but experts say that the scarcity of oxygen is just one of the problems that both federal and state governments were not prepared, which had not done enough to stop or minimize the damage of the second wave. image CopyRightTy ImagesImage Captta Street in Delhi In early March, when, despite the warnings, India's Health Minister said that the country was in the "Wnd" of Covid-19

    Warnings, In fact, they have been repeatedly issued, including:

  • in November, a parliamentary health committee said there was an inadequate supply of oxygen and beds of the government hospital "seriously inadequate"
  • In February, several experts told the BBC that feared an imminent 'Covid tsunami'
  • at the beginning of March, a group of scientists experts, established by the government, warned officials about a variant More contagious of the propagation of Coronavirus in the country, only so that significant containment measures are not taken. A group scientist told the BBC. The Government has not commented on the accusations

    In spite of this, on March 8, the Minister of Health of the country announced that India was in the "Deputy of the pandemic".

    So, where was it wrong?

    The basics

    In January and February, the national number of daily cases fell to less than 20,000 peaks. Of around 90,000 in September of last year. Prime Minister Narendra Modi declared Covid beaten, and all public meeting places opened.

    And soon, people were not adhered to the security protocols Covid, thanks in part to the messaging confused from the top.

    While Mr. Modi asked people to use masks and follow the social distance in him, he addressed great unmasked crowds during his election campaigns in five states. They also saw several of the ministers of it by addressing large public meetings without using masks. Kumbh Mela, a Hindu festival, which attracts millions, was also allowed to move on. image CopyRightTreutesImage Captionel Kumbh Mela Religious Festival in mid April, which, like political rallies at that time, were taken care of descending

    "there was a complete disconnection between what they practiced and what they preached," says the Public policy and the expert in health systems, Dr. Chandrakant Lahariya.


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