A woman measures blood pressure at a Jingcheng Covid-19 vaccination site in the city of Ruili, Yunnan province of China, Southwest China, April 1, 2021. [Photo / Xinhua]

Kunming - Ruili, a border city in the southwest of Yunnan province of China, now does not have areas of medium or high risk for the novel Coronavirus, the Covid-19 Noveance of Prevention and Control of the city announced on Tuesday.

Covid-19 Risk levels In two areas of the city were reduced from medium to low as of 8 pm on Tuesday, marking the elimination of all areas with risks of middle or high infection in Ruili .

dozens of cases of COVID-19 transmitted at the national level, have been reported in Ruili since March 30. He launched the local authorities. Several COVID-19 COVID-19 test campaigns from Citywide to stop the propagation of the virus.


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Image of Shenzhou-13 return capsule available for public view
Shenzhou-13 return capsule available for public view

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