Changsha, May 6 (Xinhua): The heated competition between the Chinese tourist sites in the middle of the holiday party after the May pandemic has left a fresh flavor in the mouths of tourists.

Although summer is still a month away, travelers at the points of tourist access are snatching ice pops in the form of local landmarks or treasures Iconic as a novel form to mark your visits.

The tendency of the sweet teeth went on when some tourists went to social networks to publish images of ice cream bar in the form of two millennium and ancient bronze masks Usartered from the legendary ruins of Sanxingdui on Saturday, the first day of the May vacation.

The ice cream, deployed by the Sanxingdui Museum in Sichuan Province, has two flavors: "Bronze" and "excavation" - they are matcha and chocolate.

Other tourist destinations in China soon joined the carnival of social networks with their own offerings, from Wuhan's yellow cranes to the Catholic Church in Qingdao, Attracting tourists to take photos of the pops ice in front of their prototypes.

"I visit these scenic sites only for these ice cream bars," commented a Netizen on Sina Weibo, China's equivalent of Twitter, under a burst of photos of photos Multitudinous ice cream.

Yueyang Tower, a tourist magnet posing along Lake Dongting in Hunan province, said it sold more than 22,000 ice pops, with a price of 18 yuan (2.8 US dollars), in the form of an old building during the five-day vacation.

"We hope that ice cream can give visitors a better flavor of the ancient wisdom and the philosophy of building life," said Li Caixia, a director of the touristic place. Management.

Chinese tourist sites and cultural institutes have greatly invested creative cultural products, which is believed to contribute to the rise in cultural tourism in the last years.

"Fashionable, unique and creative cultural products like ice cream. They have won many younger consumers of generation," said Zhou Yunqing, professor of sociology at The University of Wuhan. "It is also a manifestation of China's growing cultural confidence." "

China's tourism market has seen a strong reappearance during the holidays of May thanks to the effective control of Covid- 19. Total travel is expected to of passengers performed during the holiday of May Day from China reach 267 million, which represents a significant increase compared to the same period last year, according to official data.

18.83 million railway passenger trips were almost performed on Saturday, the first day of the holiday, marking an increase of 9.2 percent from the level of 2019 and hitting a new day of a single day. Enditem

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