Shijiazhuang, May 9 (Xinhua) - The ruins of a Baijiu (a Chinese liquor) The brewery that dates back to more than 100 years was discovered in Hebei province of North China, local authorities have said.

The brewery, which was used in the late Qing Dynasty (1644-1911) and the periods of the Republic of China (1912-1949), was found during The construction to expand a primary school in the city of Hengshui in Hebei.

The ruins of the brewery cover an area of ​​1,000 square meters by the Fuyang River. The site of a house, a brick drainage channel and more than 10 fermentation tanks.

The area where the brewery is located was a famous Baijiu beer center in the medium quality dynasty. The discovery of the brewery offers information on the development technique of the famous Chinese liquor of Hengshui Labaigan, and enriches the culture and history of Baijiu de Henngshui. EndItem

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