Beijing, May 17 (Xinhua) - Chinese scientists have detected a dozen ultra-high cosmic accelerators (UE) within the Milky Way, which could annul understanding of the Galaxy of Humanity of the Galaxy and help reveal the origin of the cosmic rays that have disconcerted scientists during a century.

The findings were based on the observations of China's large high-altitude air shower observatory (LHAASO), one of the national science and technology infrastructure facilities Key of the country, which is under construction in Sichuan province of Daocheng, southwest of China.

The new Discoveries were published in nature on Monday. .

Scientists led by the Institute of High Energy Physical Under the Chinese Academy of Sciences made the Discoveries after an observation of 11 months using half of the installation.

Scientists have also keycads with energies exceeding 1 Volt de Peta-electrons (Volts of squad electron or PEV), 100 times more energy than the record highly Reached by any Hand Accelerator on Earth. A photon was detected with an energy of 1.4 pev, the highest value ever observed by humans. EndItem

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