Cairo, May 19 (Xinhua): The Egyptian government decided on Wednesday to extend the partial evening closure of shops, shopping centers, restaurants and entertainment venues until the end of May, while reopened Parks and public beaches provided that anti-COVID-19 measures strictly implemented there, the cabinet said in a statement.

By decision, stores and entertainment sites. Continue closing at 9pm local time until May 31, as an extension of a decision made on May 5.

Extension decision excludes public beaches, Parks and gardens ", which are decided to be reopened to citizens whenever they strictly adhere to precautionary measures To face Coronavirus "." Leading the Croconavirus crisis administration committee of the country, the Egyptian Prime Minister Mostafa Madbousty also extended the decision to reduce the assistance of Employees of the administrative government.

also ordered an expansion of the national program to vaccinate workers from tourist institutions throughout the country.

Egypt has recorded up to now 248,078 COVID-19 cases in total, including 14,441 deaths and 182,693 Recovery. EndItem


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