Kunming, May 20 (Xinhua): Around 150 million butterflies emerged on Thursday in a valley in Yunnan province of Southwest, which makes it the biggest surge of butterflies here in a decade.

With a warm and humid climate throughout the year, the valley of the butterfly in the autonomous prefecture Honghe Hani and Yi is home to more than 400 butterflies species .

From May to June of each year, a spectacular "explosion of butterflies" appears in the valley, since the caterpillars are broken from the cocoons in a short period. They appear in groups in forests and along the streams and the roads, said Yang Zhenwen, a butterfly observer in the valley.

The monitoring data show that the added number of butterflies is estimated that three cluster areas in the valley is estimated that it is more than three times the same period EN 2020.

The phenomenon only occurs in Mexico and Yunnan from China. "The ecological environment of the valley is ideal for the breeding of butterflies, and there are abundant bamboo leaves here, the butterflies feed," Yang said.

The explosion of the butterfly will last for about 20 days and it is likely to reach between May 25 and 28, he added. EndItem


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