China Zhurong Rover takes the first unit on Mars Published in 2 hours AGASOSHERECLOSHARE PAGECOPY" target="_BLANK">Linkabout Sharingimage CopyrightTreutesImage Captionel Zhurong Rover went to Zhurong Rover the landing ramp on the surface of Mars

the Rover controlled by remote control of China, which landed on Mars a week ago, has expelled from his landing capsule to the planet's surface.

This makes China the second country after the United States we will operate a Rover there.

The Zhurong Rover is due to studying the ground and the atmosphere of the planet's surface. It will also look for signs of life, including any subsurface water or ice.

The Mission of Tianwen-1 of China, which consists of an orbiter, Lander and Rover, was launched in July of last year.

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    The deputy commander of the mission, Zhang Yuhua, said that the Rover was designed to operate for 92 tender days (or 90 days of Mars, known as "Sols" that are a little longer than the days of The earth) and would share your data through the Orbiter. Media CapttTchina landed its first spacecraft on Mars last week

    "We hope we can obtain a comprehensive coverage of Martian topography, the form of relief and the environment, and the exploratory data of the radar detecting the Martian subsoil During a Martian year, "she said.

    "In doing so, our country will have our own abundant and first-hand data on Martian resources." Image copyrightty ImagesImage CaptionThis Model shows how Zhurong descended from his landing platform

    The six-wheel robot with solar energy, 240 kg (530lb), which bears the name of a Chinese mythical fire, will explore to Utopia Planitia, a vast terrain in the Northern Hemisphere on the planet.

    Utopia Planitia is a colossal basin: more than 3,000 km (1,860 miles) wide, which was formed by an impact at the beginning of the history of Mars. There is some evidence that is aimed at having an ocean a long time ago.

    Remote detection by satellites Indicates that there are significant ice stores in depth. image CopyrightCSAIMage Captionthe Front view of Zhurong shows the flat landscape of Utopia Planitia

    Utopia Planitia is where NASA landed its Viking-2 mission in 1976. The United States landed the much larger perseverance robot (from A ton) In February, and its mission is still in progress.

    Space Agency of Europe, which has failed twice with landing attempts, will send you to a rover called Rosalind Franklin at Mars next year in a joint project with Russia.

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