An exhibition on the culture and history of Hotan Prefecture in the Autonomous Region of Xinjiang Uygur was recognized as one of the 10 best exhibitions of China by 2020 by the Chinese Museum Association on Tuesday.

The exhibition was celebrated at the Hotan Museum, which has received more than 140,000 visitors since its opening a year ago. This is the first time that a museum in Xinjiang has claimed the prize.

More than 1,300 unearthed cultural relics, along with some 300 images, 32 maps and 18 videos in which experts in history and archeology illustrate the stories behind the exhibitions were in the exhibition to give visitors a deeper vision of culture and history of hotten prefecture.

Zhang Huajie, healer of the museum said the exhibition should correctly count the stories about the lives of people, cultural diversity. From the prefecture and how it was governed along the long course of history.

"Visitors will learn how hotten became a center on the old silk road and what has made the place more prosperous," he said.


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