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  • Coronavirus pandemic Image CopyrightTreutesImage Captionel that has already co-utorted on the Report on the Laboratory of Wuhan

    The US Health Secretary UU has urged the organization World health to ensure that the next research phase on the origins of Covid-19 is "transparent".

    Speaking with a ministerial level that met, Xavier Becerra said that international experts should be allowed to evaluate the source of Coronavirus.

    US media reports UU suggest that the growing evidence of the virus could have arisen from a laboratory in China.

    Covid-19 was first detected in 2019 in Wuhan, in the central province of Hubei.

    Since then, more than 167 million cases have been reported and 3.4 million deaths around the world.

    In March of this year, WHO issued a written report jointly with Chinese scientists in the origins of Covid-19, saying that the possibilities that they began in a laboratory were "extremely improbable". The WHO was needed recognized an additional study.

    But questions have persons and reports attributed to the US interacting sources. UU They say that three members of the Wuhan Virology Institute were entered at the hospital in November 2019, several weeks before they China recognized the first case of the new disease in the community. . Image CopyrightteTTY ImagesImage Captionel Huanan Seafood wholesale market in Wuhan was linked to the cases of early Covid

    Beijing has endangered the reports, which repeatedly suggests that the virus may have come from a laboratory of USA UU

    Speaking with WHO, Tuesday, Secretary of the USA UU For health and human services Xavier Becerra did not mention China by name. But he made it clear that the United States waited more rigor from the next stage of any investigation.

    "The Covid-19 pandemic not only stole a year of our lives, stole millions of lives," said Becerra. In one direction to the World Health Assembly, a conference organized by WHO.

    added: "Phase 2 of the study of origin of Covid should be initiated with the terms of reference that are transparent, based on science and grant international experts Independence to completely evaluate the source of the Virus and the first days. of the outbreak ".

    The White House said on Tuesday I expected from the WHO a "evaluation driven by experts from the origins of the pandemic that is free of interference or politicization". Media Captionin of January 2021, the BBC Robin Brant visited the Wuhan market, where Covid-19 was traced, a year after the first outbreak

    Anthony Fauki, Director of the National Allergy and Disease Institute Infectious and EE. UU The president of Joe Biden's medical advisory chief, he has maintained, believes that the virus went from animals to humans, although he granted this month, he was not sure that Covid-19 had naturally developed.

    Laboratory leakage claims were widely dismissed last year as a marginal conspiracy theory, after then, President Donald Trump said that Covid-19 originated at the Wuhan Institute of Virology. Many media from the United States described these claims as discredited or false.

    Tuesday, Mr. Trump tried to take credit in an email statement to the New York publication. "For me, it was obvious from the beginning, but it was very criticized, as usual," he said. "Now everyone is saying: 'He was right.'"

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