Macao, May 28 (Xinhua) - Macau's gross domestic product (GDP) was reduced by 0.9 percent year after year in real terms in the first quarter of 2021, a more slight contraction compared to the fall of 45.9 percent of the previous quarter, the Statistics Department of the Special Administrative Region (SAR) said here on Friday.

The last report of statistics and census service (DSEC) showed that the Implicit GDP deflator, which measures general changes in prices, fell a 2 , 3 percent year in the year in the first trimester.

Service exports bounced by 4.1 percent Year year, of which exports of gaming services fell by 20.7 percent, while exports from other services Tourist emerged by 88.1 percent, they showed the report. In addition, exports of goods were shot at 137.7 percent year after year.

Internal demand reversed its downward trend, increasing by 12.9 percent year over year. Imports of goods were 81.7 percent, while import imports decreased 2.0 percent.

End-consumption expenditure of the house in the national market expanded by 19.2 percent year with year, with the local economic activities of residents generally restore at levels In the first quarter of 2019, together with a relatively low comparison base in the first quarter of 2020 due to Covid-19.

On the other hand, the final consumption expenditure of the family abroad decreased by 13.2 percent due to the continuous entry restrictions imposed in different places. The general private consumption increased by 14.8 percent year after year.

The Government of SAR continued allocating resources for pandemic prevention Covid-19. The final consumption spending of the government remained stable, up to 0.2 percent year after year. Net purchases of goods and services decreased by 3.0 percent, while employee compensation rose 2.2 percent. Investment in fixed assets increased 20.3 percent year with the year, of which the investment of construction and investment in teams grew by 23, 5 percent and 6.8 percent, respectively. The investment of public construction and investment in teams registered increases of 73.8 percent and 13.3 percent year over year, respectively.

Regarding private investment, private construction investment expanded by 10.5 percent year in year due to greater investment in the Main hotel projects compared to the first quarter of 2020. In addition, the investment of equipment increased by 6.6 percent. The collection in the total demand drove the merchandise trade, with imports and exports of increased goods by 81.7 percent and 137.7 percent year over year, respectively.

The number of visitors' arrivals in Macao fell by 46.0 percent year after year in the first quarter. Enditem follow by on Twitter and Facebook to join the" target="_BLANK">conversation. Download applications from ChinaNews


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