A registry of residents before letting out of the community in a residential community in the Liwan district, Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, May 29, 2021. In some regions in the Liwan district, all residents must remain at home and that only one person per household is allowed. Go out to the daily shopping need every day. [Photo / Xinhua]

Three asymptomatic carriers belonging to three generations, including a 13-month-old girl, are now in a stable state at a hospital in the city of Foshan, located about 20 kilometers from Guangzhou, capital of the province of Guangdong, according to a statement published by the Government of Foshan City on Saturday.

The first case of Chen's last name, which has Guangzhou Hukou, or registration of homes, was immediately in quarantine for an additional medical observation when its acid nucleic tests came positive in the First Friday morning.

Chen, who lives in an urbanization in the Nanhai district of Foshan, was detected to be an asymptomatic carrier after undergoing a second positive result of the acid nucleic tests, an additional CT test and Group consultation of medical experts, the statement is said.

And acidic nucleic tests for the son of Chen, Liang, 31, and the granddaughter of him, also came positive when medical workers organized acid nucleic evidence for Chen family members on Saturday .

All three have now been sent to Foshan No Four Peops Hospital for isolated observation and treatment, the declaration was said.

liang and her daughter were trapped. The virus through Chen. All three live together.

Last week, it was also found that three other three-generation people are two confirmed cases and an asymptomatic carrier in the Guangzhou Liwan district. All three include a song from 54 Yeew Yeaeave Old, a 38-year-old daughter-in-law, Lei and the 11-year-old grandson, Xu, Xu. It was confirmed that the song and Xu became patients with Covid-19, while Lei was asymptomatic carrier. All are now Guangzhou eight-weight hospital, a designated hospital for Covid-19 patients, for greater observation and medical treatment. All are in a stable state.

Huang Guanglie, director of the Guangzhou City Health Commission, said the coronavirus that has recently been detected in Guangzhou and Foshan extends quickly and has a strong transmission capacity.

To avoid and control the propagation virus in the city, Guangzhou has tightened the measures to fight against the virus, Huang said at a press conference in Guangzhou on Saturday.

The districts of Liwan, Haizhu and Yuexiu de Guangzhou have organized mass acidic nucleic tests for all their residents and urged the premises to be vaccinated against Covid-19.

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