Beijing, May 30 (Xinhua): China Tianzhou-2 cargo spacecraft, transport supplies, equipment and propellant, successfully docked with the central module of the Station Space Tianhe on Sunday, according to Sunday. China Manned Space Agency (CMSA). at 5:01 AM (Beijing Time), Tianzhou-2 and Tianhe completed the appointment and coupling orchestrated by computer. The whole process took approximately eight hours, said the CMSA.

The Long March-7 Y3 Rocket, carrying Tianzhou-2, disappeared from the Wencang Spacecraft launch site on the coast of Hainan province of South Island at 8:55 pm (Beijing time) Saturday.

Combined with Tianhe, Tianzhou-2 will replace Tianhe's propeller. The tests in the application team will also be carried out as planned.

China launched its central module from the Tianhe Space Station on April 29. The country plans to complete the verification of key technologies and the construction in orbit of the space Station through Multiple releases in two years.

The release of the loading ship was the first time that the space load loads. The transport system, composed of the Tianzhou spacecraft and the long rockets of March-7, was put into use. EndItem

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