Nanfang Hospital Medical Workers collect samples for nucleic acid tests in Guangzhou Liwan District, Guangdong Province of South China, May 27, 2021. [Photo / Xinhua]

No evidence to try the Coronavirus can be transmitted from objects to people in this outbreak of VOCID-19 in Guangzhou, capital of the province of Guangdong, an expert in greater prevention and control of the disease, said on Friday.

Zhang Zhoubin, Deputy Director of the Guangzhou Disease Prevention Center, made the observations at a press conference in Guangzhou on Friday.

Research has found that most patients with Covid-19 and asymptomatic carriers detected in Guangzhou in previous weeks were infected with coronavirus through close contacts with patients previously confirmed and asymptomatic carriers. , He said.

He urged the premises to come out less, and avoid attending the parties and visiting crowded places to prevent them from being infected.

Meanwhile, residents must pay specific to attention to their personal hygiene, frequently cleaning their hands, with facial masks while it comes out, maintaining social distance and ventilating their homes.

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